Contract Glazing, Inc. is proud to be the home of the finest glaziers in all of the Lake Barrington, IL area. We pride ourselves on employing only the top glaziers who have made their craft their life’s work, and who take the art of glass installation and repair as seriously as we do. For expert craftsmanship from a top glazier, Contract Glazing, Inc. is the place to call!


What is a Glazier?

Unless you work in the glass replacement and repair business, you may never have heard of a glazier before. Simply put, a glazier is a person who is highly skilled in all aspects of cutting, installing and removing glass windows, doors and panels. A glazier may work in a variety of types of glass surfaces, including walls, skylights, shower doors and decorative glass bricks, and has the expertise and training to understand what types of glass work best for different uses. True glaziers work at their trade with pride, and are exceptionally attentive to detail, taking great pains to do their best with every job they do. Contract Glazing, Inc. is fortunate to employ some of the best glaziers in town, and it shows!


Why Choose a Glazier?

When it comes to installing, repairing or replacing glass in your home or office, not just anybody can do the job properly. For workmanship and skill you can rely on, choose a company like Contract Glazing, Inc. that is staffed with highly-experienced glaziers. These master craftsmen take great pride in everything they do, and strive to turn out exceptional work for each client they serve. Choosing a glazier to assist with your glass installation or replacement makes all the difference in both quality and satisfaction. The years of training and knowledge that each of our glaziers possess make all the difference in the outcome of your glass installation project.


Glazier Services in Lake Barrington, IL

Need new glass windows and doors installed in your Lake Barrington- area home, store or office? Make sure the job is done by professional glaziers by calling Contract Glazing, Inc. today. We are here to take care of your glass replacement or repair needs as quickly as possible. You’ll be amazed by our glaziers’ commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service. Call Contract Glazing, Inc. at 847-304-4003 today to set up a risk-free consultation and estimate with one of our skilled glaziers.